Shopping With Kids


I used to love to shop; back when I had money and time and the energy to remain upright for several hours in a row. Now when I shop, usually with two kids, I get in and out as fast as possible, often forgetting items — like an entire grocery bag, left behind on the conveyer belt. I figure as long as I make it out of the store with coffee, chocolate and two children (preferably mine), I’m winning.

Shopping with BOTH kids is…busy. Though my son is handy to have along. He entertains his sister and drives the cart; which is usually a great help (minus the time he “shinned” that lady).

Shopping with JUST my nine year old son is…chatty. He likes to discuss every item that goes into the cart. He always brings along his wallet in case he spots a ‘must-have item’ but rarely buys anything; usually opting to wait and see if something of better value comes along. This trait he gets from his browsing dad, not his lack of impulse control mom.

Shopping with my JUST my nearly six year old is…chaotic. Look up enthusiastic in the dictionary and you’ll find her blurred (from running out of the shot) picture. And by enthusiastic I mean high energy, easily distracted, tactile (the child must touch everything and everyone!) and loud.

Tip: do not take your rambunctious child to any store on “Seniors’ Day.” Just because people are old, it doesn’t necessarily make them “grandmotherly.” Yes, I’m talking about you Glaring Granny from the grocery store. My child was laughing, not beating you over the head with baguette and stealing your purse. Sheesh, some people.

Last week Avery’s grandma, who IS the grandmotherly type, asked us to make a list of presents for Avery’s up coming birthday. I also needed bananas, toilet paper and potting soil, so we headed for our local big box store.

My children always do a reconnaissance shopping mission before Christmas and their birthdays.This helps family and friends choose a present the kids don’t already have and really want. We used to make a pen and paper list, old school style, but now with the convenience of camera phones, we take photos of items for the list (of course, I quietly delete any loud or unsuitable toys. shhhh).

Here is our birthday gift shopping mission, 
documented in pictures



Bonus Shot: Avery had her first ballet recital last weekend. When we were shopping, she asked me to add this Ballerina Dora doll to our photo “want” list. The resemblance is uncanny, don’t you think? 😉


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