National Librarians’ Day!


Did you love your librarian today??

Not in a remove her glasses, undo her bun bow-chicka-wow-wow kind of way.

I mean did you recognize him/her in honour of National Librarians’ Day?

Librarians’ Day is celebrated, albeit very quietly, in libraries across the land every April 16th.

We wished our librarian, Phyllis Stacks (not her real name, but wouldn’t it be great if it was?) our best today as we popped in for our bi-weekly library book exchange.

I remember my mom taking my brother and I to the library when we were little. I’d sit amid the book stacks thumbing through picture books, collecting the ones I deemed interesting enough to add to my cloth book bag.

The excitement of getting my own library card was only surpassed by my first solo trip to library. I can still feel the sun streaming through the skylight as I sat on a bright green sofa, lost in a novel. 

I loved the library and I’m now I’m sharing it and all its treasures with my own children .

Granted, there are a few more modern attractions at the library these days… 

Not only do we take books home, we also sign out CDs, CD-Roms and DVDs. I’ve written about we don’t have cable television, so the kids appreciate this. Like, a lot. {In case you’ve mistaken me for some kind of puritan, let me be perfectly honest and say that as soon as the kids have gone to bed, I’ve got “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” up on my computer screen before you can say trash t.v.}.

Reading sparks imagination and imagination opens young minds up to a whole world of possibilities. Also, there’s free wi-fi at our branch, so I can check email on my phone while the kids, you know, grow imaginations.

One more year and my son will receive his own library card. Hallmark must make a card for that, right? It’s right next to the “Happy Librarians’ Day!” cards.

I mean *softest whisper voice* Happy Librarians’ Day everyone….

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