Gravity What?

Holy Himalayas I can’t even imagine how many bleedin’ baby gates I’d need in this house. We only JUST took down our second-to-last barrier (we still have one baby gate at the top of the stairs due to a certain sleep stumbler…).

The child lives to scale…anything. I suspect it has to do with her need for sensory input however, climbing the stairs on the OUTSIDE of the banister or dragging the stool from the bathroom to the upstairs hallway to use as a springboard OVER the banister or preparing to ride the laundry basket down the stairs? This disregard for gravity is the reason blood vessels randomly burst on my face and it’s why our house has, until recently, resembled a maximum security prison.

So as lovely as the view must be from the master suite in this castle in the sky, we’ll be sticking to dwellings below sea level.

*”bleedin’ baby gates” is a term intended to add emphasis and thus express my exasperation. This is not to be confused with “bleeding baby” gates…which would require numerous Dora Bandaids and possibly a visit from Child Protective Services.

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