Lisa Leftover

Do you ever feel like you’ve taken on too much? With work, or life in general? Of course you do. It’s that universal and elusive quest for work-life-balance.

Some days I have it all worked out. My house is clean (relatively, as long as you don’t look closely), there’s food in the fridge and meals planned for the week and I am caught up with work assignments. Some days.

Other days, I’m spinning around in circles, wondering how I got myself into this predicament.  My house looks like hell, I’m wearing the same outfit for the third consecutive day, the kids are subsisting on Goldfish crackers and grapes, I haven’t talked to family or certain friends for ages (and they’re highly unimpressed) and I’m burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines.

As I cradle my head in my hands I think, “Is this it?” Sure, I’m getting by — there’s a roof over our heads, I’m working from home (because wasn’t that the plan?) and I’m taking care of my family. But to what end? At the end of the day, there’s not much left for me. I’m tired and distracted and may not have left the house (outside of school drop-off/pick-up) for days.

I have become an after thought. I’m Lisa, leftover. 

It is clear to me that this won’t do. I have the power to put myself first; and not in a ‘day at the spa’ kind of way. But in a ‘get over yourself and prioritize you big stupid idiot’ kind of way.

So here’s my plan of action to ATTEMPT to gain a little more balance:

I will…

  • Learn to say no and mean it.
  • Let go of the guilt (and stop manufacturing reasons for guilt in my head)
  • Stop making excuses. 
  • Go the hell to bed and get some sleep. 
  • Stop pussy footing around – mean what I say and say what I mean (women monumentally suck at this).
  • Accept that today is what matters.
  • Believe that it will all get done, and if it doesn’t, the world won’t end.
  • Work smart, i.e., stay on task and focus on getting jobs done in a timely manner — this means limiting phone calls and dedicating specific time limits on getting lost in the web…
  • Stick to my schedule. When the work day is over, it’s family time AND…a little time left over for me.


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