Rising Star

When I was little, my mom signed me up for ballet classes. I wasn’t very good, but what I lacked in talent, I made up for in enthusiasm and cute legwarmers.

When my little girl was born, I imagined her pirouetting upon a stage one day…
However, Avery’s developmental delays prevent her from participating in a regular dance class, so all pirouetting seemed to be on hold until… I heard about a dance studio that offered adaptive dance classes.
Avery with her partner Lindsay


 Adaptive Dance Class

Avery attends class once a week, and has been paired with a young ballerina (whom she adores!). “Without the assistance of these volunteers, this program would not exist. They are great kids and their parents and the community should be proud of them.” shares the studio owner.
This is Avery’s second year in the program. She was slightly reluctant at first, but now she is so excited about ballet, she can hardly wait to put on her leotard and skirt and get to the studio! She also LOVES to practice her “moves” at home in front of an audience (which usually consists of her doll, her brother, and the family dog).
Parents are able to observe the class on a large flat screen t.v. in the waiting room. The first few sessions, I watched my little ballerina through teary eyes.  We are so grateful for this amazing opportunity for Avery; this creative outlet and chance to socialize with her peers is a real gift.

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