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Leapfrog Fun

Leapfrog Fun

Working at home requires a delicate balance of hands-on parenting and skillful neglect. My number one job is to nurture my off-spring. However sometimes mama has a deadline so I’m always on the look out for the game or book or activity that will buy me a few moments of peace, sans mom-guilt. You know, the guilt attached to plunking your child in front of the Boob Tube in order to respond to a few emails. My son will happily play Brain Buster games on my iphone while I grocery shop or run errands. I thought maybe this could work for my daughter. I Googled “Best educational games for toddlers” and downloaded a few apps that looked developmentaly appropriate and engaging. This was genius. Avery could practice cognitive skills, while I worked. This brilliant plan went belly up in about five minutes. I didn’t factor in the fine motor skills required to manipulate the buttons on my iphone. Drat. Then I heard about the Leap Pad. Same idea – kid friendly brain boosting games, but designed for little fingers. I promptly put this on our Christmas wishlist. In the mean time, after hearing my plight, Leapfrog sent me two popular[…]

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