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Mo-Walk The Talk

Mo-Walk The Talk

I know how to talk the talk. “Oooh, I’m going to take better care of myself this month; get more sleep, eat better, exercise, blah, blah, blah.” So far my progress has been less than impressive. I posted the original “My Movember” commitment at midnight. Nice job on the whole getting more sleep vow — only the cornerstone of this entire thing. Last night I went to bed early-ish, but I tossed and turned like a sailor in a hurricane. By that lame analogy you can guess what sort of groggy state I’m in. So ask me how my exercise regime has been going. Wait, let me just unbutton my jeans—the waistband is cutting into my gut and I can’t concentrate. Okay, NOW ask me. I’ve been walking the dogs. That’s a start. Did I mention they’re chihuahuas? Not exactly a challenging trek. Also, I talk on the phone and Tweet as I’m walking. Richard Simmons would roll over in his grave if he read this. Oh wait, he’s still alive and kicking. And wearing those tight and teeny striped shorts apparently. As for my “healthy eating” promise? Stupid Halloween. So now what? I made this essential commitment to my health and[…]

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