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Dragon Dictation APP

Dragon Dictation APP

  If I don’t jot down a blog idea or an important phone number or date immediately, it’s gone by the time I blink twice. Memory like a sieve.   This is why I love this cool free APP – Dragon Dictation. You simply dictate and it records and translates your voice into text. You can then email the note to yourself, post to Facebook or tweet it.   It’s not perfect. There are some epic autocorrects, so you’re best not to hit “send” until you make any corrections. However it’s great if you just want to send yourself a reminder or fire off an email handsfree (preferably to someone who won’t be offended by rudely unintentional *or so you claim* errors).   This app is also excellent for kiddos with speech/language/learning delays. It can be used effectively in a number of ways. For kids who have trouble writing, talk to text is a good option. For kids like mine who have significant speech delays, we use the app to practise speaking in slow, short and precise sentences.    Check it out and let me know how the app helps you. 

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