Critter Cam

There are many reasons to have children. Cuddles and cuteness, pride in their accomplishments and love – pure heart swelling love. But, we all know the best part of being a parent is the laughs. Kids are a riot and as the saying goes, “Kids say the darndest things.” Darndest?
Driving to school this morning, we got caught in the mini-van line, waiting to enter the war zone, I mean, parking lot. I told my son he could probably get out and make his own way to class. He was old enough.
He said, “Could you imagine if we let Avery out, on her own? I wonder where she’d go? The playground probably.”
Then he thought for a second and said, “Know what would be cool? To put one of those Critter Cams on her head and let her go. Then we could watch where she goes and see what she does in her natural habit.”
Bahahahaha! I LOVE that idea. I have added “Critter Cam” to my Christmas wish list. 
By the way, I did not let my son exit the van early and venture to class on his own. Why? Because I’m a paranoid control freak AND who else would entertain me and make me laugh in that painful line up?

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