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Mealtime Simplicity

Mealtime Simplicity

  I like to kiss my meals. Yup. Keep it simple stupid. That’s my motto. If I could just take a meal pill and forgo a full fledged dinner, I would.   Sadly pills larger than a baby aspirin make me gag. Plus I’m guessing my kids wouldn’t be thrilled with this new meal pill plan anyway.   The fact remains, I have to feed my family. They’re needy like that. So whenever I stumble across a simple recipe in a magazine I’ve stolen borrowed from the doctor’s office, I rejoice. The same goes for easy foodie blogs. I can’t get enough of them.   I recently bookmarked, The Herbed Kitchen. It’s fresh and pretty and the meals are easy and healthy. To the site’s author Joy I say, my children want to thank you for sparing them from breakfast in a capsule. They loved your Peanut Butter and Honey Oatmeal. I did too. It’s simple, healthy, yummy and not in pill form. The recipe is below. **Avery loves this power packed meal so much, she’ll often request it for dinner!

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