Fact or Hairsay?

Hair, why must you be so unruly? I spend far too much time, money and effort taming, smoothing and styling you. I am NOT your personal fluffer thank you very much.
How often do you wash your hair? Daily? Twice a week? How about NEVER?
Alex admits to not having used shampoo in a year.  She’s gorgeous and her hair looks great. As I showered this morning, scrubbing bubbles and god knows what else into my scalp, I wondered, “Can I forgo shampoo?”
Shelli, another shiny haired babe shared this interesting link:  The Dirt On Getting Beautiful Hair: Stop Washing It.
It makes sense, but it brings me back to the time I tried to give up deodorant. It lasted two days. Two stinky days. FYI, those deodorant crystal things do not work, but they look lovely in the garden.
If I don’t shampoo daily, I end up looking like my hair has been painted on, like a ceramic doll. I’ve heard if you stop washing your hair or at least don’t wash it as often, your scalp adjusts and eventually stops overproducing oil. But, I worry that if my hair is left to its oily devices, I’ll break out or god forbid, with longer hair, have a dreaded b’ackne outbreak.
Cave people didn’t wash their hair and they seemed to do ok. We’re here aren’t we? And what about wild animals? Have you ever seen a polar bear after a seal kill? That’s a whole lotta bloody mess in-and-about that white furry face and they don’t wash, rinse and repeat. Perhaps I’ll be brave and exp-hair-ament, but I don’t have high hopes. I love freshly washed, bouncin’ and behavin’ hair. I’m a slave to shampoo. The beauty industry has us right where they want us. It’s like some kind of consphairasy. I can’t seem to stop with the hair puns. Perhaps the toxic shampoos I’ve been massaging into my 
head have finally leached into my brain…
How often do YOU wash your hair? Have you ever tried “dry shampoo?” And how long does it actually take for the oil glands to get on board and settle down? And what about exercising…that thing I sometimes do. I wear a hat when I run and my head gets all sweaty. How do I NOT wash my hair after that?? Ew. I’d love to hair what you have to say.

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