Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish

Our daughter is nearly five years old and she’s never been to a children’s birthday party. She understands what a party involves. She’s had plenty of exposure to birthday cake, candles, balloons, ripping open birthday wrap, and celebrating. But only ever with family. 
In two years of preschool I’ve seen invitations passed around to every girl in the class but mine. Now with her first year of Kindergarten drawing to a close, I assume at least one child in her class has had a birthday party. Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps every child was born in the summer?

This doesn’t directly impact my child. She doesn’t know she’s being excluded. But it impacts me. I may be too sensitive (or so I’ve been told) but I definitely feel the sting of rejection on her behalf. I find myself wanting to shout, “What the hell people?” 

Alas, I can’t force people to include her. It’s their choice. So I say nothing. 

Though, I’d like to just say this…

If there’s a child with a disability in your child’s class, please don’t overlook them. You might assume they can’t go to a party due to mobility or behavioural issues. Maybe you think they pose a safety risk or that they add responsibility to you as the host. But before you exclude them, consider asking the parent to come along to assist their child. I would say yes in a heart beat. 

Inclusion is always possible.

And just think of the kind and positive message this sends to your typical child and her friends. 


Life is a party and the celebration is so much sweeter when we open our hearts to everyone, despite our differences. 

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