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In and Out

In and Out

Tomorrow Avery is having surgery. It’s a simple procedure. In and out, literally – ear tubes in, adenoids out. Nothing to worry about, but try telling that to my queasy stomach and racing mind. Any time a child goes under, there are risks. And when your child has a medical file as thick as a telephone book, the risks increase. So….cue my rising blood pressure. The doctor mentioned giving Avery a little morphine if necessary. If she doesn’t need it, can I have it? Today I’m at home alone. The kids are at school and I’ve been busy doing really important things to keep distracted. Like: I organized my sock drawer. Its disorder has been bothering me for awhile. I find it unnerving when socks aren’t paired and sorted by colour and function (dress vs. sport). Holy OCD. I made this new Twitter avatar in  honour of “Star Wars – May the 4th Be With You Day.”  I made toast. I went to the bank and actually used the teller wicket. I haven’t done that for years. The woman ahead of me was having issues and taking forever. She turned to apologize saying, “Sorry for holding everybody up.” I suggested she[…]

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