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Difficult Conversations With My Child – Part 1

Difficult Conversations With My Child – Part 1

  I knew it would happen, I just didn’t expect it would be today.   Instead of chatting about his day or having a snack, my boy took his sister right upstairs after school. I could hear him asking her to repeat after him as he named objects around his room. I’ll be very surprised if this child doesn’t end up going into teaching when he grows up.   He suddenly came downstairs, looking frightened, saying he was having “bad feelings about Avery.”   “What if Avery choked?” he asked. “What would we do? I’m scared something bad is going to happen to her.”   He looked so sincerely worried it scared me.   “Why do you think she’ll choke?” I asked him, trying to determine the source of his anxiety.   He said kids at school were talking about choking and Epi-pens. They asked him if Avery had one. This is when he spoke the words I knew would eventually come. The words I wasn’t quite ready to hear.   One of his classmates asked, “What’s wrong with your sister anyway?”   This child wasn’t being cruel, he was merely curious as kids are. Though Avery’s delays aren’t visible[…]

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