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Slap Those Spuds—Embarrassing Kids Moments

Slap Those Spuds—Embarrassing Kids Moments

It was getting close to lunch so my dad and I decided to brave the Ikea cafeteria on a recent outing. Despite a few embarrassing kid moments (we always seem to cause a scene in the Ikea dining room) we gave it a go. The food is delicious and so inexpensive, it’s practically free.   We brought our meatballs laden plates to a table and sat down. My daughter Avery was fully engrossed in her mac & cheese until a couple walked past our table. The woman caught Avery’s attention. She caught mine too. She had to be in her seventies and was rocking skin tight pleather pants. You go girl. As her husband brushed past, Avery reached out and patted his bum (this was not the first time Avery has fondled a strange man’s bottom by the way). At least she didn’t grab his “meat balls!” 🙂   He whipped his head around and looked directly at me! “It was her, I swear!” I exclaimed pointing at the kid with the macaroni noodle stuck to her cheesy chin. He looked back and forth between us and I’m not convinced he believed me. Seriously dude. If I was going to[…]

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