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Zombies Are People Too

Zombies Are People Too

Today I planned to write about my interview…the one I was so excited/nervous/hopeful about and the email I received informing me I was “unsuccessful in the interview process.” And that I suck. And should leave the teaching profession forever and never look back. And that I’d be better suited working at a McDonald’s drive-thru than at the District School Board. (I *may* have embellished a little, but you get the gist). But, I’ll save that post for tomorrow when I’m not quite so bitter and sleep deprived. Like, REALLY sleep deprived. Let me tell you about my sleepless night – in point form because it’s all I can muster. If this post stops dead, there’s a strong possibility I passed out on my keyboard so please send coffee… The following schedule could apply to either  a) A Night Shift Worker b) The un-dead c) A mother of young children and a dog with stomach issues… 7:45 p.m. Announce to family that I am exhausted and designate husband as official child bather and bed tucker-inner. Retire for the evening. 8:00 p.m. Slip into kidless bed with a cup of tea and Glee cued up on the laptop. Nestle under covers. Experience[…]

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