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BUSY is The New Four Letter Word?

BUSY is The New Four Letter Word?

I’m busy. So very busy. I can’t believe how busy I am. And he’s so busy. And she’s too busy. And don’t even bother with them, they’re really quite busy. And things aren’t going to suddenly get less busy. Unless you become incarcerated. Or you slip into a coma. Work, kids, activities, social engagements, chores, errands, the pursuit of happiness–these things take time and we get busy and yes, there’s gettin’ busy, which also requires time. A little anyway. Hi honey. I often ask incredulously, “How is it possible that I’m SO busy? I work from home, part-time.” The fact is, life is as busy as it we allow it to become. That’s deep. I need to italicize that. Having a full and active life isn’t a bad thing. But, when it causes you to shirk certain responsibilities like calling your ninety year old grandpa on a regular basis or to let important relationships slide, busy becomes a four letter word. We can always find time to surf the net, watch a movie, get our hair done. We’re not too busy for those things. So when we tell someone we’re too busy to see them, to call them, to check[…]

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