Just Blew In From Michigan and Boy Am I FAT!

Hi blog.

It’s me, Lisa.

I’ve missed you. I’m sorry if you’ve felt neglected. It’s the summer though so cut me some slack. I meant to stop in. I even planned in my head what I was going to say to you. But then I’d get distracted and wander off, most likely in the direction of something salty or deep fried or chocolately or beery. Hence my fat ass. Seriously. My pants are straining to keep all of me held in. In June, I had visions of getting ripped this summer and sporting my beach body all over town. Instead, the only thing ripped is my too tight pants. Why didn’t anyone warn me that chips and beer are fattening? At least I still have ice-cream. That’s healthy right? It’s just milk. Have you ever seen a fat cow? Oh crap.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I’m back from vacation. Ever been to a Chihuahua wedding? I have and Imma gonna tell you all about it. Soon. But right now…. I have to get this booty on a treadmill! (Hey Jen, does that saying ring a bell? LMAO!)… Sigh. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually laugh your ass off?

Hugs and big FAT kisses.





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  • Please tell me that was not your DS who wrote that message to you.He He The famous quote "booty on a treadmill" did not work so well for me. She was not that impressed. But hey we had Steph's awesome aerobic classes to keep us so thin and trim in Maine. Miss you!

  • Oh how I loved this post. I had every intention of making this the summer of Me. I was going to look my best and then…I didn't meet a snack I didn't like. Oh well. Maybe next summer:)

  • ModernMom and Terry…damn those seductive snacks and pizza! Looks like the "Summer of Me" was a bust. Perhaps the "Fall or Winter of Me" instead?

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