Was It Something I said??

Avery has been attending an amazing program. Only six children are accepted into this class which focuses on intensive speech and communication skills. She loves it. I love it. And I especially enjoy watching the action behind the one-way window. As I observed along with a handful of other parental voyeurs, I struck up a conversation with the mother of one of the boys in the class. We exchanged “diagnoses and prognoses” and the basic list of details.

The next class, this same woman was cool and barely seemed to know me. Perhaps she was having an off day. However, the next class she sat beside me and was back to her warm, chatty self. But today, she was stand-offish once again. She didn’t sit next to me and only nodded a brief hello. And to make things even more bizarre, she suddenly referred to herself as the boy’s aunt. What the hell? Was she unstable? What?

At the end of the class this afternoon I overheard her mentioning her twin sister. Her TWIN SISTER. Hahahaha! The boy’s mom and his aunt take turns bringing him to the program. Phew, I was starting to think it was something I said…because usually, it is.

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