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My Doll—Vintage Sesame Street Episode

My Doll—Vintage Sesame Street Episode

This morning I let Avery watch some vintage Sesame Street clips on the computer. I know it’s weird we don’t have cable. If I had a nickel for every time I was mocked for it, I’d have a butt load of nickels. I’m a sentimental sap and as she sat watching intently, laughing and smiling it brought me back to MY childhood. Avery is now the exact age I was when I watched this same episode for the first time. Watching her enjoyment of this sweet clip below, I felt this gigantic emontional surge of love and nostalgia. I remember watching the little dollhouse girls playing together and wishing that someday I would have a dollhouse like that. Maybe it’s hormones, maybe I’m overtired, but I got a little misty. My mom used to set me up on the couch with a snack (celery stick boats filled with peanut butter usually) and put on Sesame Street for me to watch. She was younger than I am now. She undoubtedly used that time to catch up on housework, talk on the phone, have a little quiet time. All of the same things that I do now. As I watched Avery look at the dollhouse through her little eyes, I[…]

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