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I talk incessantly about being tired, but I can’t help it. This girl child is killing me over here with her 2 AM-5 AM “Night-Owl parties.” At least being over-tired gives me an excuse for being such a giant loser.I’ve lost so many things in the past few weeks, I’m literally at a loss. I have misplaced/or lost forever…never to be seen again: …my cell phone (like, a lot) …a wallet where I keep gift cards (later found in a purse side pocket) …our video camera  …my favourite wooden bracelet  …the beautiful necklace my friend gave me for my 40th (all found behind the dresser in my closet) …my drivers licence (never recovered…had to get a new one) …the t.v. remote for three days (found under the couch. I swear I looked there. Several times) …every damn hair elastic I own. Where do they go? Furthermore, where are all of my bobby pins? …a cheque made out to me (found in the kitchen catch-all drawer) …the charger adapter for my new iphone (found under my bed…no clue how it got there) …a brand new, never opened pack of iPhone screen covers (I suspect it went out with the recycling) …a[…]

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