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Medicine Cosy

Medicine Cosy

I laughed when I opened the cupboard to dose out Avery’s meds for the day and discovered my husband had put one of the medicine bottles in a beer cosy. He reasoned that if one of us dropped the glass bottle the foamy sleeve would protect it. The irony of the statement inscribed on the cover did not go unnoticed however. I’ve been so consumed by the threat of seizures that I haven’t been focusing on the myriad of medical, genetic and developmental concerns. Now that we’re experiencing a bit of a reprieve ( six weeks seizure free), my attention has returned to researching and planning and of course, worrying. I know it’s futile to worry about the future and things which are out of my control, but with kindergarten looming, it’s hard not to fret. It’s also futile (and stupid) to make comparisons. I know this, but yet I can’t seem to help myself. I took Avery to a play date over the March Break and I was looking forward to a morning with three lovely girlfriends with whom I’d spent my last maternity leave. Our children are the same age and I’ve watched them grow from babies to[…]

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