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The letter M isn’t very commanding on its own. An E flying solo has very little influence. But when united in a word, they become powerful. I’m aware that I talk more than the average person and I don’t even say half the things I’m thinking at any given moment. I suppose this is why I enjoy blogging–it’s like a shunt, releasing the pressure of the words in my head. Words are beautiful when crafted by someone with a kind heart. Words can soothe when spoken by a gentle soul. But, words wielded by the ignorant and tactless can leave behind a painful mark. Last week my daughter happily drew lines on a chalkboard in our doctor’s waiting room. A woman sitting beside me asked how old my girl is. When I told her, she said, “Awfully small for three isn’t she?” The response in my head was, “Well you’re awfully stupid for 60!” What I actually said was, “Yup. She’s our little girl.” As my daughter drew, she and I communicated using signs. The woman leaned over and asked, “Does she talk?” I explained that she has a speech delay, but is a proficient signer. This woman then told[…]

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