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What? You want my autograph?

What? You want my autograph?

Last month I had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone (like, WAY out) and film a segment for YMC T.V. The “behind the scenes” blog is here (with a link to the video segment). If Erica had asked me to do this years ago, despite her Ninja mind tricks of persuasion, I would have flat out said, “NO FRICKEN WAY am I doing that!” But, after the recent upheavals and subsequent adjustments to the course my life has taken – I’m changed. Not dramatically. Not even detectable by most, but just enough to be able to embrace the cliche, “life is short.” Really it is. Think about how many opportunities we forgo because of discomfort or unfounded fears. I knew that there was a very strong possibility that I would fall on my face and look like a complete ass working in front of a camera. I did screw up a few times in fact and said “ok” way too much, but the world didn’t end. It turned out ok. Shit. Said it again. Don’t you hate when you latch onto a word and it becomes your security phrase when you’re nervous or tired or stunned? I’m[…]

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