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Portrait of The Perfect Mother?

Portrait of The Perfect Mother?

  This photo doesn’t exactly evoke an image of the serene, responsible mother I usually am. But, sometimes you just gotta kick up your heels and shout, “Yee-haw!” Right? About 97% of my time is devoted entirely to my children. I try not to work unless my children are at school, sleeping or involved in another activity. I feel guilty doing tasks when I should be giving my attention to my kids. I said attention, not “full” attention—I’m not crazy! I can multi-task with the best of them; play Star Wars, while changing over the laundry, while posting a tweet and planning dinner in my head. Realistically, that’s the only way to stay on top of things. Running a household and raising children is a good gig. But if it I didn’t have another outlet besides home and work, I’d go loopy. The thing that fuels me is simply and anyone can partake. It’s…being a dork. Yup. A big stupid idiot. A gigantic buffoon. It’s my greatest stress reliever. Being silly and laughing with good friends reminds me that life is fun. I don’t sleep in my “Life is good” t-shirt for nothing. Chicks with Chips Night, Witches Coven Games[…]

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