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“What do you DO exactly?”
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“What do you DO exactly?”

When people ask what I do for a living I usually just stare back at them, blinking stupidly before I answer. Then I explain awkwardly that I used to be a teacher. Though I haven’t taught in years, for some reason I often still lead with that. Maybe I want people to know that I went to school and learned how to BE something legit—as though being a “Content Creator” is a made up career. I can assure you that working from home as a Content Creator is a real gig involving skills I never anticipated would fall within my scope of expertise. In fact, a few areas within my job description didn’t even exist ten years ago. I started my first blog in 2006 shortly after our second child was born and it became apparent she was going to have some medical and developmental challenges. I left my career as an elementary school teacher to stay home to care for her. While she napped, I wrote about our life. Forever in Mom Genes was a place for me to dump my thoughts—worries, bliss, fears, triumphs, stories about our family, the challenges of parenting a child with disabilities, and anything[…]

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Lisa Thornbury is a former Toronto elementary school teacher, turned lifestyle, parenting, and special needs advocate blogger and freelance writer. She provides original and syndicated content for online magazines and websites, and puts her weight behind social media programs.


Please Note: Lisa rarely speaks in the third person in real life. Lisa thinks referring to herself in the third person is weird. Though, Lisa isn’t completely adverse to weird. 

Areas of expertise…
  • Articles for online and print media.
  • Content created specifically for your website or program.
  • Ghost writing. It’s not as scary as it sounds.
  • Product/service reviews published on my blog or your website. 
  • Sponsored social posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Relatable voice and attention to detail.
  • Sometimes I’m funny. FYI—I swear a lot while I’m working, but curse words only make it into my writing when it’s a  f*cking integral part of the story. 

In case you’re bored, here’s more about me…


As well as managing a popular blog of my own, I create unique and colourful content for numerous websitesnand social media channels. My creative style lends itself well to a social climate where readers are drawn to humour, integrity and transparency. 

I enjoy witty social banter and I’m well versed in the complexities of the social media landscape. I understand how to effectively share your brand’s message in this dynamic digital space. 

Somewhat Relevant:

  • I live near Toronto with my husband, two children, a fat orange cat, and a sassy Yorkie. 
  • I have degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from McMaster University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education from The University of Maine.
  • Sometimes I miss teaching, but then I go on a field trip with my daughter’s class and I get over it pretty quick. 

Irrelevant but a good time killer if you’re reading this on your phone waiting for a bus:

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