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When Doctors Make Mistakes

When Doctors Make Mistakes

A question in a Facebook group and the memory of that doctor and what she did, or more accurately—did not do—came flooding back. And now I’m raging. Unlike another doctor in our past whose negligence also put our daughter’s life in jeopardy, I never got closure with this doctor. Let me back up. When our daughter was a few months old we knew something was wrong. In addition to her missing key developmental milestones, she stopped feeding. This photo was taken around the time Avery started refusing to nurse. These babies are the same age. Avery is the one in pink. Obviously. She was so tiny in comparison. Little peanut. This picture makes me so sad. But also, it makes me laugh. Hello, Andrew on the right? Breastfeeding was a struggle from day one. Poor suck, tongue tied, persistent thrush—these were the reasons given at the breastfeeding clinic. We eventually switched to bottle feeding hoping it would help. It didn’t. Babies are supposed to grow and thrive. Avery was neither growing nor thriving. She was fading away and we begged for help. Our family doctor who was on our side from the beginning sent us to see a well respected[…]

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