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Instagram Stories Are The New Twitter
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Friends In All The Right Places

Instagram Stories Are The New Twitter

I miss Twitter. Ya, it still exists, and there’s fun to be had, but it’s not quite the same. Twitter used to be the go-to SM hook-up for a quick dose of social interaction. You’d post a rando thought like, “I adore guacamole!” and within seconds you’d be chatting with ten people, trading guac recipes and marvelling at how crazy it is that avocados go from ripe to rank in a blink of an eye. I miss that kind of serious engagement.  Now I’ll post a funny quip  or question and nuthin’. It’s like outer space—silent vapid nothingness.  Twitter has become “The Upside Down” ala Stranger Things, but dotted with political rants and branded ads.  I miss my community!!! Where are you guys??!! I also miss the instant feedback and real time interaction once found on The Twitter.  You can still rustle up some interaction on Facebook, but it’s hit or miss. And progressively pay to play.  As for blog comments? You’re more likely to get hit by an asteroid than hit with an actual blog comment from a living breathing non-bot human.  So where does an attention seeking social person find the love on social these days? Instagram! But[…]

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Let’s Partner

Lisa Thornbury is a former Toronto elementary school teacher, turned lifestyle, parenting, and special needs advocate blogger and freelance writer. She provides original and syndicated content for online magazines and websites, and puts her weight behind social media programs.


Please Note: Lisa rarely speaks in the third person in real life. Lisa thinks referring to herself in the third person is weird. Though, Lisa isn’t completely adverse to weird. 

Areas of expertise…
  • Articles for online and print media.
  • Content created specifically for your website or program.
  • Ghost writing. It’s not as scary as it sounds.
  • Product/service reviews published on my blog or your website. 
  • Sponsored social posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Relatable voice and attention to detail.
  • Sometimes I’m funny. FYI—I swear a lot while I’m working, but curse words only make it into my writing when it’s a  f*cking integral part of the story. 

In case you’re bored, here’s more about me…


As well as managing a popular blog of my own, I create unique and colourful content for numerous websitesnand social media channels. My creative style lends itself well to a social climate where readers are drawn to humour, integrity and transparency. 

I enjoy witty social banter and I’m well versed in the complexities of the social media landscape. I understand how to effectively share your brand’s message in this dynamic digital space. 

Somewhat Relevant:

  • I live near Toronto with my husband, two children, a fat orange cat, and a sassy Yorkie. 
  • I have degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from McMaster University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education from The University of Maine.
  • Sometimes I miss teaching, but then I go on a field trip with my daughter’s class and I get over it pretty quick. 

Irrelevant but a good time killer if you’re reading this on your phone waiting for a bus:

Friends In All The Right Places

Many of my friends don’t “do Facebook” or god forbid…Twitter.  So how do they stay connected? Do they pop out for a quick coffee or grab lunch with a pal? Pick up the phone to check in? Send a quick email?  If they do these things on a consistent basis, they’re doing a lot to nurture important relationships. If they’re NOT doing things things on the regular, then…(quick, somebody pass me a soapbox) they risk missing out. Some may argue social media is a “time sucker.”  Sure, it can be.  Updating photos to my Facebook page takes a few minutes, responding to emails takes a few more and tweeting, well that can take a few minutes to a few hours. Is digital networking addictive? Yup. It takes time and it’s addictive? But, is it worth it?  Absolutely. Here’s why: Facebook – I have family and friends who live FAR away.  Having the chance to look at their photos and share my own, keeps us connected.  Do I update my status every minute to share every detail of my life in real-time?  Hells no.  If I have something important to share. I share. If not, I read what OTHER people have[…]

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