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I’m so full of it, it’s no wonder my eyes are brown

I’m so full of it, it’s no wonder my eyes are brown

The plans, the promises, the proclamations. I honestly believe in them…at the time. I am quick to jump on passing bandwagons, with every intention of remaining seated until the ride comes to a full and complete stop. However, I have a history of falling off said bandwagons the minute they hit a bumpy patch of terrain. Here are few of my plethora of passionate initiatives that have hit the bricks: Karma Cleanse I stuck with it for awhile. I did. And most days I strive to keep it alive, but there are days, man are there days, when I soak up catty gossip like a bun to gravy. Mmmm, gravy.   Mandate to Hydrate I know how important water is — for my health, for my skin, for energy, for weight control. So why don’t I drink more? Last week I downloaded an app called ‘Drink Right’ that actually beeps and tells me how much to drink and when. Hopefully this will help me bathe my insides with H2O.   Lisa Leftover Quest for Balance This epiphany seemed to fall on deaf ears. MY deaf ears. I really need to learn to listen better.   Making myself unavailable Ya, that[…]

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