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See You Next Tooth-Day

See You Next Tooth-Day

What is with my family’s inability to keep their teeth in their heads??? I knocked out a front tooth when I was four. The adult tooth eventually came in, but slowly over the years it turned brown, then black, and I had to have it replaced with a crown (or live life as a pirate). When my son was a toddler, he knocked out a front tooth too. Two actually. Turns out the two teeth were attached at the root. Show-off. The adult tooth came in and though it’s not brown, it came in so high his eye tooth is practically IN his eye. Then, in keeping with our family tradition, my sweet girl fell face first into an ottoman – which is soft, except for the 1x1mm metal stud she zeroed in on. Fortunately, she didn’t lose a tooth, but it was wiggly. I took her to the dentist the next morning. The minute we pulled into the parking lot, she began to wail. She hated going to the dentist and I felt like a monster forcing her. We waited for the x-ray, my stomach in knots. We had been referred to this dentist and she came highly recommended.[…]

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