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The Best Cameras For Kids

The Best Cameras For Kids

We’re a society of photo fanatics. Is it any wonder our kids are obsessed with wanting their own cameras? When my son was younger we got him a chunky kiddy cam. He used it for a little while but complained, “My pictures suck!” Being a proper parent I corrected him by saying, “We don’t say suck. We say, the photo quality sucks.”  At thirteen we got him a grown up DSLR camera and he hasn’t put it down since.  When his little sister asks to use the fancy camera we smile and say, “Not a chance butter fingers. That camera cost more than mummy’s wedding ring.”  She has her own kiddy camera, but like her brother’s before, it’s chunky and the photos are complete rubbish. So what’s a parent to do when their pint-sized photographer asks for a camera? We gave our daughter a hand-me-down iPhone last year (for pictures and texting) and she dropped it about 80 times and then lost it forever.  Thankfully we found a fantastic kid friendly camera solution! Two in fact. At a recent VTech product preview I was introduced to the most kid friendly cams you’ve ever seen. They are picture perfect.  First is the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2—a[…]

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