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Let’s Partner

Lisa Thornbury is a former Toronto elementary school teacher, turned lifestyle, parenting, and special needs advocate blogger and freelance writer. She provides original and syndicated content for online magazines and websites, and puts her weight behind social media programs.


Please Note: Lisa rarely speaks in the third person in real life. Lisa thinks referring to herself in the third person is weird. Though, Lisa isn’t completely adverse to weird. 

Areas of expertise…
  • Articles for online and print media.
  • Content created specifically for your website or program.
  • Ghost writing. It’s not as scary as it sounds.
  • Product/service reviews published on my blog or your website. 
  • Sponsored social posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Relatable voice and attention to detail.
  • Sometimes I’m funny. FYI—I swear a lot while I’m working, but curse words only make it into my writing when it’s a  f*cking integral part of the story. 

In case you’re bored, here’s more about me…


As well as managing a popular blog of my own, I create unique and colourful content for numerous websitesnand social media channels. My creative style lends itself well to a social climate where readers are drawn to humour, integrity and transparency. 

I enjoy witty social banter and I’m well versed in the complexities of the social media landscape. I understand how to effectively share your brand’s message in this dynamic digital space. 

Somewhat Relevant:

  • I live near Toronto with my husband, two children, a fat orange cat, and a sassy Yorkie. 
  • I have degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from McMaster University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education from The University of Maine.
  • Sometimes I miss teaching, but then I go on a field trip with my daughter’s class and I get over it pretty quick. 

Irrelevant but a good time killer if you’re reading this on your phone waiting for a bus:

Honestly Me

Here are ten honest things about me… in no particular order 1. I’m sarcastic. Sometimes too much so. What? Like I’m the ONLY one? (See?) 2. My top left front tooth is a fakity, fake, fake. 3. I f*cking curse far more than a lady should. 4. I always imagined having three children. After Avery however, I chickened out. I sometimes mourn the baby that will never be. 5. I can’t do an accent of any kind to save my life, although to the chagrin of those in ear shot, I continue to try. 6. I have to say, “Drive safely” to anyone leaving my house AND I must blow a stray eyelash off my cheek while making a wish or something bad will happen. It’s exhausting controlling the fate of others let me tell you. 7. I like to be the one “in charge” at all times (number 6 makes more sense now doesn’t it?). It’s probably why I loved being a teacher. The teacher is always in charge. 8. I need a chemical peel on the backs of my hands. Why didn’t I slap on some sunscreen back in the day? Damn hindsight. Now I’m cursed with seventy[…]

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