Why I Broke My “No Juice For You” Rule

As a new mom-to-be, I swore my kids would never drink juice or pop or even know the taste of sugar. I absolutely believed that as I rubbed my pregnant belly and made all kinds of rigid proclamations about my future parenting.

I also vowed that my babies would be exclusively breastfed until they could talk. But, thanks to birthing two tongue-tied infants, that didn’t quite go as planned.

I made loads of rules, including the one stating there would be absolutely no television until school age. Ha!

I really wish I could find the photo my husband took of our infant son—bottle propped up by a pillow and tipped toward his mouth, totally fixated on a Baby Einstein DVD while I rocked his bouncy chair with my foot from the couch.

You learn quickly as a new parent that plans change. The most successful and relaxed parents are cool to roll with it and they don’t beat themselves up about it.

I really did try to limit the amount of sugar in our house, including fruit juice. 

But then my daughter started taking anti-seizure medication three times a day and they were horrible. They tasted like chalk dipped in sour milk wrapped in a dirty sock. The thought still makes me gag. To make it easier to deal with, she washed the medicine down with a swig of juice. Sugary yes, but better than Julie Andrew’s “spoon full of sugar” suggestion. 

I lost the no juice battle. But it made the meds less of an ordeal so we rolled with it. The kids are now accustom to seeing fruit juice in the fridge. The teenager even chugs it straight from the container (though he denies it). So, my kids have become juice junkies who turn their noses up at water.

True story—I told my dehydrated daughter that I’d give her a dollar if she came home from school with an empty water bottle. Did I mention that I also vowed to never bribe my kids? If I could go back and talk to my younger self, I’d just mostly point and laugh.

When Oasis asked if I’d like to try their new HydraFruit Organic line which has… are you ready….60% less sugar than regular juice, of course I said yes. Fruit Fusion, Watermelon Apple, Lemon Iced Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, and Clementine—we tried them all. They’re all refreshing and really tasty without being heavy or sickly sweet.

If we’re going to have fruit drinks in the house, this is one I can live with.



I also appreciate…
  • No added sugars or sweeteners.
  • 50% organic fruit juice and 50% filtered water.
  • Certified organic but reasonably priced at $1.69 to $2.29 for a 960 mL carton.
  • Processed and packaged entirely in Canada. 🇨🇦
  • Recyclable containers are cardboard (not plastic).

If you make your own kombucha (which you totally should because it’s healthy and delicious and inexpensive to make) you might be interested to know that adding a cup of one of the Oasis HydraFruit Organic flavours during the second fermentation is a game changer. I used the Fruit Fusion flavour and it added a nice hint of berry without upping the sugar content too much.

** If you’re not a kombucha maker/drinker then this will all just sound weird to you. I know this because I have friends who say my kombucha brewing situation is… “So gross and what is that scoby thing? It scares me.” I really should’ve been born in the ‘60s. Peace, love, and fermentation… man.

Oasis HydraFruit Nutritional info:

Serving Size: 200ml // Amount per Serving/Daily Value

Calories: 40Kcal/2%
Sugars: 8g/11%
Vitamin C: 48mg/64%
Calcium: 20mg/2%

Ingredients. Filtered water, organic concentrated fruit juices (apple and/or grape, raspberry and cherry), concentrated purple carrot juice (colour), natural flavour, citric acid (acidulant), vitamin C, natural colour

For some added juiciness, I’m giving away an Oasis HydraFruit Organic prize package containing a $15 President’s Choice gift card, a selection of Oasis Hydrafruit Organic drinks, and a Keep Leaf reusable organic tote, snack bag and lunch bag. Follow this link to LisaThornbury on Instagram and follow the easy instructions there to enter until March 14, 2019.

Find Oasis on social via the hashtags #OasisCanada and #HydraFruit


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I haven’t written one in ages. Clearly I was waiting for something juicy to come along. Also, even though I write about my distaste for sugar, I ate four mini KitKat bars while writing this. I’m only human.


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