August 24, 2013

Back-To-School Isn't Just About The Kids.... My Walmart Frugal Heroes Challenge

Forget New Year's Eve — for most parents September is the true new year. Summer indulgences are over (or so we tell ourselves) and it's time to start anew. With the kids back at school we can refocus, get back on track, organize, and declutter. It's a new beginning.

I spent an entire day this summer formulating my new foolproof life-work balance schedule for the school year. I'm certain it will work this time; not like in years past where it fizzled out within a week.

I have every aspect of my day accounted for. I even slotted in time to meditate. I also scheduled ten minutes before bed for stretching. My husband howled at this. Well, let's just see who gets the last laugh when I'm all bendy in my nightie.

Back to school isn't just about the kids. It's about moms too....especially women like me who work at home and need to get our ducks in a row this time of year.

When I was asked to participate in the #WalmartFrugalHeroes Shopping Challenge, I was all in. I headed out to my local store on August 22nd along with other Canadian Bloggers to see what kind of frugal BTS goodie bag I could assemble for under $100.

With gift card in hand, I shopped. I picked up my kids' school supplies and that night's dinner ingredients too while I was at it. See? It's all about being organized. Seems my new schedule is working already. *stretches and meditates for 17 seconds*

Here's what I put together — The Eight Essentials For The WAHM

1. Vitamin Organizer — Instead of just buying vitamins this year and shoving them to the back of a kitchen cupboard, I'm going to actually TAKE them every day. Sunday nights I'll sort the lot into this pill organizer for the week. 

2. Allergy Meds — A word that strikes terror in the nasal passages of seasonal allergy sufferers in the fall is...Ragweed. I'm dazed and fuzzy headed with puffy red rimmed eyes. I'm painful to look at. And then my allergies kick in! haha. But seriously. Allergies are no laughing matter. If I'm to remain productive this season, I must keep these draining symptoms under control.

3. Coffee — Does this purchase even require explanation? I think not.

4. Receipt Organizer —As a WAHM I'm in charge of keeping track my own finances. How scary hilarious is that? Currently I store all of my receipts (the ones I remember to keep) and invoices in envelopes in a plastic tub. It works I suppose, but I thought I'd give this Home Finance Organizer a try. Nobody said finances can't be pretty, right?

5. Loyalty Card Keeper — As a Blogger I sometimes get paid in gift cards. I have a lot of loyalty cards, gift vouches, coupons, etc. floating around in the bottom of my purse. Shocker of's not the best system hence this pretty ditty...

6. Electric Pencil Sharpener — To the dismay of my friend Sarah, my writing utensil of choice is the mighty pencil. Between sharpening mine and my kids' pencil crayons, it adds up to a lot of sawdust. I can't stand doing this tedious chore in one of those teeny hand sharpeners. I know, First World Problems... but this gadget makes me happy.

7. Dog Treats For the WAHM who has dogs at home this is essential. Especially if like me, you get a lot of delivery people ringing your doorbell throughout the day. There's nothing more annoying than yappy dogs while you're on a phone call. Nothing that a little Scooby Snack can't fix though.

8. Human Treats —Yes. I am still off chips. They are wicked and beyond unhealthy but... on the first day of school when I'm feeling distraught because my babies have left me, I will treat myself to this one indulgence. That's fair, right?

Except that I'm ridiculous and have no self control (please note the state of the bag in the second photo. These poor chips didn't stand a chance....)

This collection of BTS supplies for Moms came to just over $89.00. This means there is $10.00 left-over for the one essential supply you can't actually get a Walmart.... Pinot Grigio. :)

Happy BTS everyone! 

Disclaimer: Though I was given a Walmart Canada gift card to purchase the products mentioned in this post, my thoughts and opinions have not been coerced with fleeting promises of fame, riches or back tickles. I chose to purchase these items because I wanted/needed them and they work for me. Except for maybe the chips. They work against me, but I am weak.

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