June 18, 2013

Life Made Delish

It's official — I'm now part of the Life Made Delicious community!

What does a LMD member do? We test out and share recipes; ones that are simple, tasty and sure to become family favourites. I'll be posting these once a month on this blog. From time to time, I'll share details about new products to try or coupons to be aware of. As well, I'll offer up kitchen tips to help get the family fed quickly, even the picky eaters (Yes, I'm looking at you little blonde girl at my kitchen table).

First though, a few disclaimers just so there are no false expectations.

1) I have never taken a cooking lesson aside from Home Econmics in tenth grade — where I was kicked out of class more than once for laughing and being silly. Shocker.

2) Unlike the glossy interesting angles you might see on a classic "Foodie" blog,  my photos are taken with an iPhone in one hand and (possibly) a glass of wine in the other. Occasionally I forget to even take pictures and remember only after my family has eaten half the meal. Sometimes my kids take the photos, so expect a few blurry pics.

3) I won't post recipe suggestions that don't work for busy families. Ask most parents and they'll say they love to cook WHEN THEY HAVE AMPLE TIME. Ask most parents if they have ample time, and they'll laugh at you. And then maybe cry.

Recipe posts will live together all tasty-like on the Delish page above. You can also find some favourite recipes on my Life Made Delish Pinterest page.

I'm hungry. So I'm going to make a sandwich. I will not being posting photos of said sandwich.

Look for my first Life Made Delicious post tomorrow!

Nom, nom, nomily yours,

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