May 29, 2013

My Teeth May Be Floating But Damn My Skin Looks Good

That bandwagon I fell off, the "Mandate to Hydrate" one? Well, I've jumped back on. But this time, I have digital support.

My hydration help comes in the form of an App called Drink Right. Don't get me wrong, I can drink right. I rarely dribble down my chin onto my shirt. Unless of course that shirt is new, and white, and the beverage is red wine. Then I spill like the dickens.

This App helps the dehydrated get fully saturated by providing (somewhat annoying) reminders throughout the day.

It works like this.

Download the *Drink Right App from itunes
It's .99 cents, but I got it free when it was offered as a free App from Apps Gone Free. What? You don't have Apps Gone Free??! Oh my lord. Get it. It's free and there are at least 7 new FREE Apps offered every day! It's a steal. Well, it's legal, but it's a crime not to download it. Maybe I shouldn't share? What if too many people get it and then it crashes and then I lose my free App connection? I obviously haven't thought this through.

Set up your specifics
Input your age, gender, weight (don't lie!) and what time you wake up on average

Follow the beeps
Drink when and how much the bossy App says

Track It
Fill up the beaker in the App and try to reach your "perfect" hydration level by the end of the day

A lot

*I mistyped Drink Right as Dink Right and nearly died laughing. And laughing at all is unwise for anyone with a bladder full of water....

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