March 15, 2013

OVERjoyed.... Siblings Make Life Sweeter

He watches out for her and understands why he needs to be patient. He appreciates all the special things that make his younger sibling unique. He loves her with all his heart.

He was born to be her big brother.

She follows him everywhere and thinks everything he does and says is hilarious. She feels safe and important around him. She tries to be like him. She copies him, learns from him, pesters him and then wraps her arms around his neck and holds on tight.

She was born to be his little sister.

My husband and I are both delighted and honestly, surprised, by the bond they share. Five years after this video was made, they are still best friends and we are OVERjoyed.

I found this old video of them playing together when they were little. This is before the days of iMovie and me having a clue about editing, so the quality is meh, but the sweet bond shines through nonetheless.

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