February 26, 2013

Be The Star of Your Own Story - From Boo Hoo to Choo Choo

Kids are egocentric. It's all, "I'm hungry, feed ME. I'm scared, cuddle ME. I'm cold, swaddle ME." This was also ME over the weekend. I was tired and not my usual selfless self. Okay, I have no idea why my family is suddenly rolling their eyes in unison.

I will ignore them and carry on to say that children's egocentricity serves a function—survival.

They will eventually grow out of it (mostly) but while they're young, the egomaniacal little sprites love anything to do with their favourite topic...themselves.

Personalized dishes, photo albums, home movies about them, personalized kids song CDs—you name it, they love it.

My daughter's favourite book for years has been one starring her.

When Avery was little, my brother-in-law who lives/works in Shanghai asked us to send him a photo of her making a funny face. We sent this ridiculous picture of her crying.

A few weeks later he sent us this hilarious book. It's been looked at so many times, the cover has come off. Like I said, kids are egotists. They can't help it.

Now in grade one, Avery can recognize many written words and she can spell her own name. In light of developmental delays, this is a major accomplishment—one this proud mum will write about soon.

The opportunity for her to identify her name within the context of a story is why we're so excited that Thomas & Friends (the newest member of the Mattel brand family) now offer personalized and interactive Thomas E-Stories. You just add your child’s name and gender to create a free personalized, interactive story within seconds.

To create your own Thomas & Friends e-story visit the Open A World Of Imagination website. And check back often because a new story will be added every month!

What do get when you Photoshop Avery's "crying face" over Thomas' face? 

A "Boo Hoo Choo Choo!" 

Oh dear. My family's rolling their eyes again... 

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Play Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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