Germ Warfare

No matter how hard I try to keep them out, they always find their way in. Germs, not my family. Though I can’t say I haven’t fantasized about locking them out in the yard, just for a few minutes. And so there’s no confusion, I changed “dirty” husband to “messy” husband. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I married some kind of perv. He’s sweet…even though he leaves his stinky germy sports stuff all over the house.

This flu season I implemented a few anti-germ rules that seem to be helping the battle, from what I can tell anyway. I don’t examine my home with one of those forensic blue lights. If I did, I likely vomit on the spot. And then run the blue light over that, like a Control Group kind of thing. For the sake of science.

Our Anti-Germ House Rules:

1. No shoes past the front entrance hall. Do you know how many disgusting germs travel by shoe?

2. Upon entering the house, all must head to the bathroom for a thorough hand washing. 

3. No school bags directly on the kitchen counter or table. Backpacks are covered in billions of microscopic bugs too gruesome to contemplate. 

Despite these measures, and as much as it sickens me to admit, germs still get in. I’m not a violent person, but when it comes to germs, flies, wasps, large spiders and centipedes (of any size) I show no mercy. These bugs must die.

If germs are going to get in, we should at least be ready to fend them off. 

From the inside…

Vitamins: I take a multi, plus extra calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and D. The kids also take extra C and D and IronKids Gummies. The kids are great at remembering to take their vitamins. Obvs…. they taste great. My vitamins however would work a lot better if I actually took them out of the cupboard and took them on a regular basis. There’s got to be an App for that…

Deep Immune: Whenever any of us starts to feel slightly under the weather, we take this mighty elixir. It tastes like grass, but it kills viruses like the dickens. I don’t go anywhere without it.

From the outside…

Boogie Wipes:  Seriously, is there anything more disgusting than wiping somebody else’s nose? Boogie Wipes had me at their slogan, “Snot your ordinary wipe.” Awesome. I keep a few pouches of these in my purse and this larger pack in the car. So when colds do inevitably strike, we’re snot caught off guard.

Fresh air – Whenever possible we open windows to allow air to circulate. But of course, we have screens on our windows because god forbid flies or wasps should get in.

Family Friendly Cleaning: Lysol Power and Free kills germs as effectively as using bleach, but since it’s hydrogen peroxide based, there’s no toxic odour or chemical residue. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen so it’s safe, even directly on your skin. You don’t even need rubber gloves. Though I still use them because frankly the thought of cleaning toilets without a barrier between me and the germs, makes me shudder.

So when germs get in, I kill them and this makes a germaphobe like me sleep better at night. Don’t even get me started about the sickening bugs that live in our pillows and mattresses….

Disclosure: I received samples of the Boogie Wipes and Lysol products  to try. Opinions expressed here are my own. 


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