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Cancer Is Crap So Fight Like A Girl

Cancer Is Crap So Fight Like A Girl

* Originally posted on Yummy Mummy Club September 14, 2010. Reposted today in honour of the amazing women and men who are walking this weekend. Especially Dee.  And for Jan. I love you.  There isn’t anyone who hasn’t been touched in some way by breast, cervical or ovarian cancer. Last weekend I participated for the first time in the Weekend To End Women’s Cancers. Along the 60 km route there were plenty of heart wrenching and heart swelling moments. The experience was, in Jann Arden’s words, a Beautiful Pain. The weekend left me feeling powerful and loved, humbled and hopeful but most of all, grateful; for my family, my health, my friends, my life. And, for amazing people like those who support the walkers. The unsung heros are the volunteers and supporters who come out to cheer, honk and hand out treats, high fives and hugs. We all chose to walk this year for our own personal reasons. I was inspired by my teammate and friend Karen and by two special ladies in my life. You inspire me every day. I would walk a million miles for you… Here is my experience in pictures. *Music: Beautiful Pain by Jann Arden

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