Minding My Own Small Business

The business of starting a small business
gives me a thrill.  I’m teased mercilessly by friends and family
who have christened me, “Queen of the Big Idea.” I’m thinking I should start a
club with like minded idea lovers to discuss, you know, ideas. I could call it,
Mensa and Margaritas. We would obviously have to have t-shirts made.
I just get so excited
whenever an idea sparks. I become consumed by it. But, once the
reality of the money and time required to take it to the next step sets in, the
idea is filed away. And by file, I mean literally filed away in a file on my
computer called, “Lisa’s Home Biz Ideas.” Each of these
businesses-in-the-making has a name, logo and tag line in place. I didn’t go to
business school, but I know you can’t start a business without a catchy logo
in a cool font. Also, my business plans have cute icons and are in a pretty colour coded chart.

So, a “big idea” hasn’t taken off for me yet,
but it will. And it will be huge, I tell you, huge. In the mean time, I watch in
admiration as others take their amazing ideas off the ground and fly. This is
why I’m thrilled to promote this contest. 
If you have a website for your business (and I trust your logo is in a cool font), you can enter CentrSource’s Contest for a chance to win incredible prizes valued at over $40,000 and not to mention, great exposure for your biz!
Promote Your Business and WIN Big!!
  • Grand Prize: $15,000 and six months of free
    ad space on CentrSource 
  • Second Prize: $5,000 and three months of
    free ad space on CentrSource 
  • Weekly Draw: 8 weekly prizes for $1,000 and
    one month of free ad space on CentrSource 
  • As a bonus, everyone who votes will be
    entered into a draw for an iPad2!

Visit the CentrSource Facebookpage
  • Register your business information
  • Create your ad in three easy steps
  • View your ad and your competition
  • Vote for your ad and get your friends and family
    to vote too!
    The more votes
    you get, the better your chances to WIN!!
  • You can also enter for the iPad2 just by voting
    for your favourite ad.
The contest is open to Canada Only {excluding residents of Quebec} and
ends August 31, 2011. Visit CentrSource onFacebook
today and enter to win these fantastic prizes!
* This was a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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