Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish

Avery is nearly five years old and has never been to a children’s birthday party. She understands what a party involves. I mean come on, look who her mother is. She’s had plenty of exposure to birthday cake, candles, balloons, ripping open birthday wrap and celebrating….with family.
In two years of preschool, I’ve seen invitations passed around to every girl in the class but mine. Now with her first year of Kindergarten drawing to a close, I assume at least one child in her class has had a birthday party. Maybe I’m wrong? Perhaps every child was born in the summer…

It’s not Avery’s issue. She doesn’t know when she’s being excluded. It hurts ME. I’m the one who feels the sting of rejection. It’s me who wants to shout, “What the hell people?”  My issue. Avery is just fine. So suck it up mummy and get over it right?

HOWEVER, if there happens to be a child with special needs in YOUR child’s class, please don’t overlook them. You might assume they “can’t” go to a party or they pose a safety risk or add responsibility to you as the host. But why not consider asking the parent to come along to assist their child? Inclusion is always possible.

Life is a party and the celebration is so much sweeter when we open our hearts and embrace diversity.

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