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Boo hoo about the flu

Boo hoo about the flu

I said I would only blog about Swine Flu once and not contribute to the H1N1 hysteria. However, I thought I could hopefully provide some comfort. The issue whether to vaccinate has been a ridiculous mess. Conflicting information, wrong information, no information. Enough said about that. We decided not to give our children the H1N1 vaccine and there were many contributing factors to this decision: * The questions surrounding the “safety” and efficacy of the shot. * Many people who have already had the virus reported its symptoms are mild. I know, but what if “we” are the exception? Trust me, I’ve wrestled with that. * We wondered if getting this flu and thereby gaining some natural immunity for the future might be wise? I have concerns about over vaccinating our children so their immune systems never get a chance to “learn” how to defend their host. Please don’t misunderstand, we DO vaccinate our children for many diseases; Meningitis, MMR, etc. but have concerns about flu vaccines specifically. * Finally, and here’s the big one. As part of our 3 year old daughter’s genetic disorder, we know that there is a chance – maybe next year, maybe in 30 years,[…]

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